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What from


Our inspiration comes from relationships between humanity and nature; a person and the closest environment. That is why our specialty is primarily natural materials. We get our materials mostly from Czech or European fabric suppliers. 


  • 100% linen, organic linen
  • 100% cotton, possibility of organic cotton from a Czech manufacturer


  • 100% studded wool – primarily baize
  • 100% cotton organic – cord,chambray, batist
  • new - jeans Gots certified 
 jeans - Gots certified


We work with companies that have GOTS certification which tests both the quality of supplied Organic fabric, quality of the work process and social standards. Our partners are located in distance of approx. 100 kilometers from us that lowers the costs and helps to decrease emissions of harmful elements. We produce model prototypes at our own design studio. 

We clean in a certified laundry room in our region, we also colour in a finishing room with a GOTS certificate. 

At each step of the production process we try to use local sources.